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Cook Stoves Save Lives and Trees

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It's amazing what a simple cook stove can do. It can literally save human lives and trees.

A fuel-efficient cook stove saves up to 75% of the firewood needed for an open fire. Each stove can save one 20-year-old forest tree each year. With less need for fuel, women don't have to spend hours each day collecting scarce firewood and carrying the heavy loads home on their backs.

The stove also takes smoke out of the house through a pipe, saving women from inhaling smoke equivalent to 20 cigarettes a day. Removing smoke protects the health of women who otherwise are prone to severe respiratory problems, and helps prolong their lives.

A cook stove also helps prevent burns from open fires for both the women and their children.

A simple cook stove can dramatically improve the health and lives of women and children, making them better able to lift themselves out of poverty.

Minimum: $1.00
Maximum: $10,000.00