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Father and child in Ethiopia


Preschool Activities

These brief videos show how to turn everyday moments into learning opportunities!

Want to help translate?

If you know another language, you can help spread education around the world. Learn more

Teach for Life is global movement of people sharing knowledge and learning from each other, to better educate our children and create hope for the world.

Village school

Lessons of Love

In the "Teach for Life" movement, people around the world join hands to help empower children through education. Read more

Balbir Meeting

The Secret

"Articulating the not-so-secret 'secret' of why and how we live and serve every day is not easy. For the poet in me, it would be just as hard to describe the dance of a butterfly."   Read more

The Secret

No Stranger to Gratitude

A Public Radio commentator shares a heartfelt message about Trees for Life founders Balbir and Treva Mathur.  Read more


Travis Heying/The Wichita Eagle

Balbir Mathur to retire as president

After 30 years, Balbir will step back and allow someone else to lead Trees for Life in its next phase of serving our world. Read more

Girls drinking water from well

Water for a Better World

Sometimes, the littlest things can save lives. Like drops of water, for example. Read more

The Moringa Tree

These tiny leaves could save millions of lives. More about Moringa

Girl 175

Formula for Empowerment

Farmers in Nicaragua discover how a shift in perspective can transform lives.Nicaragua story

Interview with Balbir Mathur

"I am a servant of those who are making sacrifices for their people. That is fundamentally what Trees for Life does." Read interview