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How it Works

How is your money spent? Let's look at the whole process.

In technical terms (what the lawyers tell us we need to explain):

Trees for Life International has worked in more than 20 countries around the world. This catalog contains gift items that symbolically represent our work. The purchase of each gift item is a contribution toward Trees for Life's many programs, not a donation to a specific project or goal. Your donation will be used where it is needed the most--to help people living in poverty throughout the world.

Or, in down-to-earth terms (what you really need to know):

  1. You purchase an item.

  2. The card goes to your friend.

  3. The gift goes to those who need it most.


Let's look at one example of how that might play out . . .

How it Works


Wherever your money is spent, we promise you it will be used how and where it will have the most impact:

to empower people living in poverty to improve their own lives.

A small portion of each donation helps to cover the vital costs of running Trees for Life and its initiatives.

Because you're helping Trees for Life fight poverty and hunger, your purchases are tax deductible.


Once you've purchased your gift, you will receive a tax receipt by e-mail.