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Life-Giving Trees


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One single apple tree can live for more than forty years and provide more than 10,000 pounds of food. A tree truly gives life.

Trees for Life helps people in developing countries grow and care for their own fruit and forest trees. These trees not only provide a self-renewing source of food for hungry people, but also give fuel, building supplies, shade, and habitat for animals. They also reduce erosion, clean the air, promote better rainfall, and generally help protect our environment.

Each person who learns to grow and care for their own trees pledges to share seeds with two others and help them to grow their own trees. As each one teaches two, the movement spreads and multiplies.

In this way, helping one person grow a life-giving tree can lead to trees giving life, nourishment, and a better environment to an entire community! It's a gift that grows.

Minimum: $1.00
Maximum: $10,000.00