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Daring to Dream

Allahabad, India


When a few committed people
join their minds as one,
miracles take place.


People often think Trees for Life is about trees . . . but it is really about Life.

Dancing with a Dusty Angel

This is the story of my village, Mulbar, in a remote area of Orissa state, India. I was born there in 1935.

Orissa is known as one of the most backward and poverty-ridden states in India.


My village represented the very soul of such poverty and backwardness. Since time immemorial, life in Mulbar had stood still, as if in a permanent cocoon.

An Uncommon Teacher

Orissa, India


The unfamiliar man appeared at breakfast time. I hardly noticed him as we rushed to get our equipment set up.

I was with a team of volunteers from the U.S. who had come to the Trees for Life Learning Center in Sambalpur, Orissa, India to videotape what was taking place there.

We were rushing to get an early start to beat the merciless heat. Very soon the temperature would rise to 110° F, so every minute of our day had to be carefully planned.

Orissa, India

A King of Love

Orissa, India


As Premraj Sahu walked into the small village classroom in Noagarh, Orissa, India, the chattering students suddenly became silent. Their full attention was riveted on this elderly man wearing a simple white cloth around his waist. I could feel the excitement in the room build instantly, as if the children were all thinking, "He's here!"

Orissa, India


A Tender Heart

Duduhi, India


geeta and balbir

Serving with joy: Geeta Chopra and Balbir Mathur leadchildren in an educational rhyme at one of the village schools she andher husband helped start.

As Geeta Chopra walked among the mud-walled huts of the village, she noticed groups of children playing in the dusty streets.

A Small Miracle

Orissa, India

I want to share with you the feeling of miracles we all are experiencing here.


I want to share with you the feeling of miracles we all are experiencing here.

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