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Our Work

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Where We Work

Trees for Life International does not create its own projects in the countries where we work. We work with people or groups who are already in these areas and wish to serve more effectively or in new ways. Our goal is not that the name “Trees for Life” be established or remembered; it is simply to serve and empower. The projects belong to the people.

We have worked or are working in the following locations:

Our Mission

Our Mission

Our Mission and History

Our Stories

The Trees for Life approach to world poverty has flowered in many parts of the world, including:



Trees for Life has joined hands with people who are providing children's books, establishing libraries, and planting trees in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa and Malawi.

Our Initiatives

  • Teach for Life - a worldwide movement to better educate our children by making teaching knowledge and resources available to everyone


Our Impact


Trees for Life empowers leaders in developing countries who are improving the lives of people in their communities. Truly helping those who help themselves.

Trees have been planted, libraries have been built, wells have been dug. Much has been accomplished, but this is not what we do.

We plant hope and watch joy grow! We plant inspiration and watch miracles happen!

Our Approach

People Empowering People


An ancient proverb says, "If you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day; if you teach them how to fish, they will never be hungry again." Using this analogy, the function of Trees for Life could be described as: helping people who will then teach others how to make their own fishing rods. We work to empower people who are taking leadership in their communities and wish to serve others.

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