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Living the Question

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I lived my life as a statement, until I met someone whose life asked a question.

Back when my life was a statement, I appeared to “have it made.” I had a successful career, family, financial security… all that I had been told would bring true happiness. So why wasn’t I truly happy?

Cultivating Hope


Victor's face shone with pride and anticipation. The sun beamed gold beauty on the mountains surrounding him. The lines on his face deepened as he smiled with excitement, watching dozens of uniformed school children hike up a dirt path carrying hoes and machetes to the field where he stood.

victor 2

Partners, not Saviors

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Help poor by being partners,
not saviors


Beginings in Haiti


It was a typically busy day when Daniel Louis dropped by my office. He was obviously distressed and just needed to talk. He shared with me that the Evangelical Baptiste School in his native area of Lambert, Haiti had to be closed due to a lack of chalk.

"Why?" I wondered aloud. "Why is the school going to be closed because of chalk?"


Formula for Empowerment


I want to share with you about my miraculous week in Nicaragua - my third trip there in the last eleven years. I traveled with my husband, Ken, and fellow members of the Huntington, Indiana Church of the Brethren to visit our sister church in Tisma, Nicaragua.

After the Earthquake

Glenna Stinson, president of "Trees for Life Haiti," experienced the January 2010 earthquake in Haiti. After helping people survive the aftermath of the disaster, she returned to her tree-planting activities the following spring. This blog contains her updates since the earthquake.


14 Months After the Earthquake

Glenna gives a brief summary of the past year, and shares about her recent trip to the USA -- her first time out of Haiti in eight years -- and her visit to the Trees for Life International office.

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