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Trees for Life Coloring Poster

Click the picture below to print a poster that you can color!

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Dear Friend,

Trees are our friends. They work hard for us to change carbon dioxide into the oxygen we breathe. Without TreePalmsunTree our soil will wash away and there will then be no food for us to eat. Without Tree shade our Earth will get too hot to live. Trees provide shelter, food, and things for all species of animals on Earth - including humans.

Without PalmsunTree we die.

In the last 200 years more than half of all the PalmsunTree on Earth have been destroyed. We need more TreeTree ! For every Tree being planted today on our Earth, 30 trees are being cut down.

Trees for Life is making a difference. We plant PalmsunTree that protect our environment and provide Fruit for poor people.

We want to plant 100 million TreeTree in the next 10 years.

You can help also.

Make copies of this poster. Crayon them and put them up at your home, school, church and Mom and Dad's business. You can also share your colored poster with special friends.

Hope you will have lots of Smile.