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How is Moringa cultivated intensively as a crop?

Nursery care

The following is based on studies conducted in Nicaragua:

With Irrigation and Fertilization

A spacing of 10 X 10 centimeters (4" X 4") has been recommended when growing Moringa intensively as a crop. Moringa green tops can be harvested every 35 days. Dividing the field into 35 parts, and planting one part a day for 35 consecutive days, would allow daily harvesting on a 35 day cycle.

Irrigate and fertilize according to your needs.

With No Irrigation or Fertilization

If not irrigating or using fertilizer, a spacing of 40 centemeters (16") between rows and 5 centimeters (2")between plants has been recommended. Cut every 60 days at about 25 centimeters (10") above the soil.

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