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moringa leaves

Intro to Moringa
These tiny leaves could save millions of lives.

Moringa Diagram: Tiny leaves. Enourmous benefits.

Source: Nutritive Value of Indian Foods, by C. Gopalan, et al. Nutrition information from difference sources may vary.


The Moringa tree grows...

World map - where Moringa grows

 green square Countries where Moringa grows


...precisely where people need it most.

World map - where there is malnutrition

red square Countries with 5-35% of population malnourished

Amazingly, Moringa grows in subtropical areas, where malnutrition is most prevalent. It was as if people had a goldmine in their backyard and simply didn’t know it.

This map was created by our friends at Nanny Moringa. 


How to Grow Moringa
It grows in tropical and sub-tropical regions, from cuttings or from seed.

Finding Moringa Seeds
Seeds from local trees have a better chance of propagating.

Frequently Asked Questions
Please check these out before you contact us. It could save you some time.

Leaves gray More about Moringa Leaves

One of the richest sources of essential nutrients often lacking in people's diets


Moringa Book

Some call it a miracle. Could it also be good science?


Moringa Materials and translations

Educational brochures in various languages that can be downloaded, printed and distributed freely in your community.

moringa seeds Moringa Resources

People, organizations, seeds, books, etc.



Names of Moringa
More than 400 names in languages around the world

Other Uses of Moringa

Every part of the tree is said to have beneficial properties.

Poster B&WStory Poster
Can be used to spread awareness about Moringa. Especially effective when working with children.


What Can I Do?
If you work with people where Moringa grows, or have personal experience with Moringa, here are ideas about how you can help.