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How is Moringa used medicinally?


We at Trees for Life cannot advocate or suggest Moringa as a treatment or cure for specific conditions or diseases. Modern research has found that Moringa leaves, as well as other parts of the tree, have been used since ancient times in systems of traditional medicine in several cultures. Moringa has been used for inflammation, malnutrition, wounds, diabetes, iron deficiency, high blood pressure and other conditions. A few relevant references follow.

The fact that these uses developed independently in various cultures of the ancient world suggests that they may have merit. However, rigorous scientific testing of these claimed uses is needed to examine their effectiveness.



  • This article provides an overview of the medical evidence for the nutritional, therapeutic and prophylactic properties of Moringa oleifera.
  • Check this information on our website about traditional medicinal uses of Moringa.
  • Also check page 27 of our Moringa book for more traditional medicinal uses.
  • Additional information can be found in the book "Moringa: Nature's Medicine Cabinet" by Sanford Holst. Published by Sierra Sunrise Publishing.

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