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Create your own Moringa Brochure

With the resources on this page, you can customize and/or translate the Moringa brochure and print it for your local distribution.


Use the files listed below to create your own brochure.

To translate the Pocket-size Brochure:

1. Open one of the files under "Text only." Translate all of the text in the file. To avoid layout problems, make sure that each section of your translated text is close to the same length as that section of English text.

2. Open the "Microsoft Word Template." Working with one section of text at a time, replace the English text with your translated text. (It is best to do it this way, and not to copy and paste all of the text at once.)


Send your translated text file to and someone in the office will edit the copy on the original art work to match the translation and then post it on the Trees for Life website so anyone can print the brochure.

To create your own version:

1. See the files under "Layout Examples" for some alternate layout ideas.
2. Open one of the "Text only" files and translate and/or customize the text.
3. You may use graphics from the "Graphics" file, adapt them, or use your own.
4. Use your own layout program to arrange your text and graphics.


Component files

Text Only


Microsoft Word Template


Graphics (.zip format)


Layout Examples


(You can also print these layouts as they are for your local distribution. They each print on one sheet.)


Pocket-size Brochure (PDF)



Full-page Flyer (PDF)



Tri-Fold Brochure (PDF)



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