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Where there are books, there is reading.
Where there is reading, education happens.
Where education happens, poverty has less of a stranglehold.

Trees for Life Journal


People around the world sharing traditional knowledge and scientific studies of trees and plants for the benefit of humanity.




Trees for Life is committed to empowering people to improve their own lives. One of the main ways we do that is through education. We help create models where children living in poverty receive a quality, modern education comparable to that offered at the best schools. The goal is to equip such chidren to qualify for, and even create, jobs in our modern world.


Cookstoves save lives and trees

Open Fire Cooking

Open-fire cooking

In Guatemala, 5 million people live in rural villages. Women in these villages cook on indoor open fires. This causes many problems:

Moringa Tree

moringa leaves

Intro to Moringa
These tiny leaves could save millions of lives.

Moringa Diagram: Tiny leaves. Enourmous benefits.

Books for Life International

Books for Life Introduces


Where there are books, there is reading.

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