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Sharing Information



Here are some ideas for spreading the message of Moringa leaves in your area:

  • Present this information to group meetings of adults and classes of school children.
  • Write articles for local newspapers and magazines regarding the nutritional value of Moringa leaves.
  • Make wall paintings at prominent places. Simple slogans can be very effective.
  • People with musical talents can make up songs about this message and share them.
  • Have a parade with banners, songs and chanting slogans about the leaves.
  • Create poems, stories and dramas on the benefits of Moringa leaves.
  • Hold cooking demonstrations to show how the leaves can be added to a variety of common dishes.
  • Have a contest and offer prizes for the best original Moringa leaf recipes.
  • Grow Moringa tree saplings in a nursery, and then distribute them to people in your community.
  • You can make the distribution a special event with food, music, drama and games.
  • Hold a special blessing of the saplings before they are distributed.

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