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Folding the Brochure

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Moringa Nutritional Information


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Moringa Leaves are full of essential disease-preventing nutrients:

Other Uses of Moringa


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Besides the leaves, the Moringa tree has many everyday uses. India's ayurvedic medicine uses every part of the Moringa tree and considers it one of the most valuable and useful plants.

Sharing Information



Here are some ideas for spreading the message of Moringa leaves in your area:

Brochure on Social Marketing

Brochure marketing


If you would like to serve your communitywith the Moringa tree, this brochure can help. It relates Trees forLife's experience with motivating people to increase their dietary useof Moringa leaves, and introduces an educational poster you can use.

Moringa Presentation

This PowerPoint presentation explores current knowledge of Moringa and possible uses that could literally save millions of lives. Please share it with people in government, academics, research, and others who can make a difference.

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