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Hope Blossoms


Looking for Solutions

To watch flowers blossom is always an inspiration.

Recently, two women from Malawi, Africa became just such an inspiration for me.

Dr. Kholiwe Mkandawire and her sister Gertrude Mkandawire had come to the U.S. in hopes of finding some solutions to the devastating poverty in their community. Kholiwe is a veterinary surgeon, and Gertrude is a member of parliament in Malawi.

Their contact in Wichita, Trees for Life supporter Marilyn Yoon, suggested they visit Trees for Life.

The two women told us how bad the conditions are in Malawi. They shared stories of how there was hardly any food for people to eat and how difficult it was to find help. They asked what could be done.

The message they heard at Trees for Life was that when a few people can lock their minds as one, they can create miracles. In this case, if they wished to change things, then people themselves would have to take responsibility.

The entire tone of the discussions quickly changed. They began brainstorming long-term solutions to the problems their community faced. Their faces were glowing with renewed hope. The change in their demeanor was remarkable. Previously there seemed to be no hope. Now there was a rainbow of possibilities. It was like watching flowers blossoming. These two women returned to Malawi excited about the possibilities. The following article tells what happened next.

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The Daily Times of Malawi, Africa:
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