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Our Stories: Latin America and Caribbean


Elena demostrating the use of a fuel efficient cookstove in Guatemala

Pages for Paraguay

The children of San Marcos Elementary School in Lique, Paraguay have a library soon to be filled with books, thanks to the Pages for Paraguay program.  Read more



Partners not Saviors thumbnail    

Partners, not Saviors

In Nicaragua, a Kansas businesswoman witnesses people using a simple formula to empower themselves. Read more


Living the question 128    

Living the Question

Timeless messages of hope bring the world into our homes and into our hearts. Read more


Girl 128    

Formula for Empowerment

Farmers in Nicaragua discover how a shift in perspective can transform lives.Read more




Elena demostrating the use of a fuel efficient cookstove in Guatemala

"They Are Great"

Elena and other women  in Guatemala work to improve life in their communities. Their efforts also protect the environment to benefit the world. Read more


Holy Man's Prayer

The Holy Man's Prayer

Students at a village school in Guatemala gain confidence by reforesting the "green area" that protects their community's water supply. Read more


In the Light

In the Light

A community of former refugees in Guatemala is rebuilding their lives, which includes building fuel-efficient wood-burning cookstoves.
Read more


Cultivating Hope

Village children in Guatemala learn techniques of their native Mayan ancestors for working with the land and help produce food and income for their school. Read more

A Divine Mystery

A volunteer in the highlands of Guatemala meets a native Mayan woman who, despite years of hardship and suffering, is now making great efforts to serve her people. Read more

Return to Itzapa

A volunteer returns to the highlands of Guatemala after a one-year absence and finds that local people have taken on the work he helped start, showing their great generosity and perseverance. Read more

Hope for Quiqui

Manuel Guaron's training and work with Trees for Life in Guatemala can help his family support education for their children, including four-year-old son Quiqui. Read more

El Salvador

Cookstove Project Starts in El Salvador

Who would have thought they would give me a diploma for the kind of work I do?" As she spoke, tears welled up in my eyes as they did in hers. "I have no education. I am in my sixties. I can't even read or write. Read more



Focus on Life

Some times a traveler lost in darkness will see the flicker of a candle in the distance and find the path. This is one such story -- of hope rekindled in the midst of deep despair. Read more

Seed of a Miracle

Villagers in Haiti discover the highly nutritious and medicinal Moringa tree growing in their village, and everyone in the community gets inspired to spread the word and share the benefits. Reed more

Beginnings in Haiti

People in an extremely poor village in Haiti rebuild their community and learn to do things for themselves through a Trees for Life project. Read more