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Trees for Life in the Media

No Stranger to Gratitude

A Public Radio commentator shares a heartfelt message about Trees for Life founders Balbir and Treva Mathur. Read more


Balbir Mathur to retire as president

After 30 years as founder and president of Trees for Life, Balbir Mathur has announced he will retire on December 10, 2014. See article and video


Hatteberg's People TV Segment

Hettebergs People Balbir

See Trees for Life's founder and president featured on a popular Kansas television series. View Balbir Mathur on Hatteberg's People



Interview with the President of Trees for Life

Global Journal of Community Psychology Practice    PDF large

"I am a servant of those who are making sacrifices for their people. That is fundamentally what Trees for Life does."  Read the article


Nonprofit collects books for Librarians

The Wichita Eagle PDF large

"This is a chance to have an impact on these children who live 10,000 miles away," Kimble said. Read the Article


Help poor by being partners, not saviors

The Wichita Eagle PDF large

I came back convinced that the real answer, in the long term, is to give people the tools they need to help themselves. Read the article


Wichitans also shine light in darkness

The Wichita Eagle PDF large

I have heard stories told by the Allied soldiers who freed prisoners from Nazi concentration camps at the end of World War II. Read the article


Getting fruit trees to save lives

The Daily Times (Malawi, Africa) PDF large
Two sisters in Malawi, a veterinary surgeon and a member of parliament, have embarked on an ambitious project to ensure food and economic survival of their people. Read the article


It's About Life

McPherson College Review PDF large
"Trees for Life is not about trees. It's about life. It's a community of people who wish to grow through service." Read the article


Trees for Life gives apple farmer, 89, a chance to sow good will

The Wichita Eagle
Beth Weddle, an energetic elderly widow, gets a new lease on life as a Trees for Life volunteer. Read more


Volunteer spreads word about trees

The Wichita Eagle
Ruth Garnett, a 98-year-old, volunteered at Trees for Life just about every week since it was founded.


'Miracle tree' has spread its roots

The Wichita Eagle PDF large
Relief groups around the world turn to Trees for Life to learn about the drumstick (Moringa) tree. Read more


Planting Seeds

The Wichita Eagle
A Wichita couple volunteering at Trees for Life plan to serve at a school in Allahabad, India.


Banker finds renewal in life as a Volunteer

The Wichita Eagle
He knows the life of a full-time volunteer isn't right for everybody. But he urges others not to rule it out at some time in their lives. ?Let your mind and heart be open for the opportunity that it could work in your life."


Temple Award recognizes the work of Trees for Life

The Wichita Eagle
Balbir Mathur is presented with the 1998 Temple Award for Creative Altruism by the Institute of Noetic Sciences for founding Trees for Life.


Branching Out

The Wichita Eagle
Trees for Life expands its global reach and sinks roots deeper in Wichita as it builds new headquarters.


Fact and Comment

Forbes Magazine
"In Kansas an India-born naturalized American single-handedly launched a drive that in 1987 alone planted 700,000 fruit-bearing trees in India, thus fighting world hunger and pollution at the same time."


Kansas Man Sows Seeds of Dream

The New York Times
A visionary experience led Kansas businessman Balbir Mathur to serve villagers in his native India and found the Trees for Life movement. Read more



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