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Our Stories: Asia


Ripples of Empowerment

Children in the field
I am always amazed to see how empowered people inspire others. It seems that such people emanate something mysterious. That unseen element seeks out and connects with a few among the multitudes, people who carry within them the seeds of empowerment. It is like a candle seeking other candles and quietly lighting them. Read more
Growth of a Movement
Had I not witnessed the planting of the tiny seed that grew into a mighty tree, I would not have believed what happened. Yet all of us who witnessed it are awed by what took place. Read more


Group of Children in Mulbar, Orissa India  Seeds of Transformation
   Lives blossom: A lush, vibrant 
   community has sprouted 
   where, just 20 years ago, the 
   land was barren and people 
   saw only darkness for their children’s future.  Read more


Dancing with a Dusty Angel
Manaswi Sahu tells how his village was transformed when people started Trees for Life work. "My village represented the very soul of poverty and backwardness. Then one day a stranger came to our village, and everything started to change." Read more


Journey of Hope

A former volunteer returns
to the school where he served in Allahabad, India ten years before. "In their eyes I found an answer to a dilemma I had struggled with for a long time." Read more
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A Tender Heart

One woman's concern for children
who couldn't go to school led to the
founding of five new schools that
have served more than a thousand
children. Read more

Daring to Dream

People at a school in Allahabad, India dreamed of a medical lab to help improve the health of children and their families. Then they experienced miracles. Read more


A volunteer visits a village in India where all the trees planted had died, and discovers people making great efforts and sacrifices to provide education and improve their lives. Read more

A Small Miracle

When lepers in Orissa, India were given an opportunity to do work and support themselves, their chances of success seemed slim. Father John Maliekal describes "a small miracle." Read more

Visit to Orissa with Balbir Mathur of Trees for Life

Rodney Portman of London, UK tells of his experience in India: "Serving those at the very bottom of the pile, largely disenfranchised and untouched by the benefits of social services or development aid. ... This is what Trees for Life is all about." Read more

Journey of the Heart

In January 1998, fifteen people from the First United Methodist Church in Wichita, Kansas traveled to India. They went to Allahabad and New Delhi, where they visited and worked at several Trees for Life projects. Read more

One Miraculous Night

Villagers in Orissa, India make a sacrificial donation of land to help their school produce its own income. And news travels quickly. Read more

Fruits of Love

See how more than 40,000 villagers in India joined hands to save lives and improve the health of people with vitamin A deficiency. Read more

Dancing with Angels

Lepers in Orissa, India are given a chance to support themselves rather than begging, and people around the world join hands to help make it possible. Read more

A King of Love

Volunteer Premraj Sahu of Orissa, India rode his bicycle every morning to neighboring villages—some 20 to 30 milesaway—to teach children how to plant and care for trees. Read more

An Uncommon Teacher

Chakradhar Pradhan, a farmer in Orissa, India, learned to grow lemon trees from Trees for Life—and then taught more than 100 others. Read more