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Our Stories: North America

Lessons of Love

In the "Teach for Life" movement, people around the world join hands to help empower children through education.  Read more


The Secret

"Articulating the not-so-secret 'secret' of why and how we live and serve every day is not easy. It is like asking someone who breathes every moment to describe what a breath is. For the poet in me, it would be just as hard to describe the dance of a butterfly."   Read more


Unsung Heroes

One man reaches out to serve kids in his community, and becomes part of a worldwide family helping children discover the joy of reading. Read more


A Letter from Anne Kirchner

A writer from McPherson, Kansas shares her experience: "My visit to Trees for Life was refreshing. In a world where politics, money, and greed seem to prevail, I sensed there was hope for a renewed tomorrow." Read more


An Atmosphere of Giving

Volunteer Carole Baker tells of her first experience at Trees for Life: "It is an atmosphere of giving instead of taking. In this atmosphere I was most able to receive." Read More


A Movement

I know I am just cracking the surface of a much deeper knowledge. I hope to go back to Trees for Life and stay for a longer time so that I may not only learn more about community and what Trees for Life is about, but also that I may give back to the movement and contribute my individual share to the whole. Read More


Visit to Trees for Life headquarters in Wichita, Kansas

Rodney Portman of London, UK tells his experience of a "movement from the heart ... people feeling moved to do things, leading by example." Read more