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Letter from Anne

Anne Kirchner


Anne Kirchner
McPherson College
Communication Assistant
October 13, 2004



Dear friends of Trees for Life,

One of the greatest rewards of my job as a writer is the opportunity to meet new people and discover the many thoughts and actions that make our world complete. My visit to Trees for Life was definitely one of the most influential, thought-provoking experiences I have had in a long time.

I discovered a place where individuals become one as they contribute a variety of skills and talents while working toward a common goal.

Trees for Life volunteers know the true meaning of service. They've given up careers, financial security, and materialistic lifestyles to join a team that offers hope to individuals across the world ? individuals they will probably never ever meet.

Through selfless acts of kindness, Trees for Life volunteers demonstrate the true meaning of empowerment and teamwork. Their healthy, supportive work environment provides many avenues for personal growth and enrichment while at the same time improving the lives of those less fortunate.
My visit to Trees for Life was refreshing. In a world where politics, money, and greed seem to prevail, I sensed there was hope for a renewed tomorrow. And I yearned for the strength to let go of my own materialistic ways, reach out to others with a selfless act of kindness, and feel the joy of empowering others.


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